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brian jahan gallery

Brian Jahan Photography

Click circles for full image gallery, and see text below: The Other reveals ourselves: I have been considering the relative nature of truth, while I sip Nescafe (it appears and tastes like gourmet coffee), in relation to appearance, action, and belief. For example, someone may appear as a bad person, […]

voluntary double vision

'Guenevere' - Illustration by Brian Jahan, 2014

Sir Thomas Malory’s, Le Morte Darthur, unites the romantic motif of Arthurian myth as it is most commonly represented in the modern day. In Arthurian myth, cultural meanings are adapted for each age to tell of the author’s time-based reality and reveal its working ideology through the motif of a desired […]

unbearable memory: Maus

Brian Jahan Photography

We peer into an unrepresentable history through the pages of Spiegelman’s Maus. Through making unapproachable horror more approachable via comic art, Spiegelman takes us closer into an “impossibility of telling,” as Dori Laub refers to the Holocaust as “[an] event [that] produced no witnesses.” I want to address various things […]

poetry: of the times

Brian Jahan Photography

Falling on us as ourselves, constellations in silence reveal modernity and the abyss, posture navigates belief as the spectrality of architecture, a world subjected to virtual happening which remains, and resides newborn as decay, the past as a distant weeping blemish, open only for proximity pointing, towards illness of the other […]

poetry: dirt-filled sockets

Brian Jahan Photography

Death mask exuberant – arms raised, twisted legs Stay true, junior-soiled-clothes true– in multi-colored flags, in false freedoms of gender’s remainder, new identity by pill, cities as hollow bodies; everything as surface! No more, an impact to the nose – fallen Pinocchio, an unknown everyone, against the crust of the […]

prose: melancholia through joy

Brian Jahan Photography

 Atmosphere: Joy Division’s sound acts as a sonar lingering until it slowly poisons by rendering moments gilded yet not completely obtainable; it becomes a time-based art of cymatics in atmosphere, one that beckons from the depths of a melancholic trench that such vibrational structures dig, and leaves its listener to […]